About The Brit Pack MMA

What is The Brit Pack MMA?

The Brit Pack MMA is a blog and podcast written and hosted by Simon Head, one of the UK’s longest-tenured MMA media professionals. A sports editor with more than 20 years in the industry, Simon has covered MMA since 2009 for UK and international media outlets, and helped establish mainstream coverage of the sport on his side of the pond.

The podcast initially started off as an MMA discussion show featuring Simon and fellow MMA media pro, Chamatkar Sandhu. Both proud Brits, they offered their takes on the big stories in MMA. The show enjoyed two separate runs, but work schedules and outside commitments for both lads meant continuing a regular “two-man booth” podcast was sadly no longer sustainable as a long-term project.

The Brit Pack lives on!

The new version of the show will feature solo shows hosted by Simon, as well as additional shows featuring special guest co-hosts, and feature interviews. Expect regular collaboration shows featuring friends from across the pond, too.

The show will still talk about the big stories in MMA, but will also pay particular attention to the big national/international MMA events in the UK, as well as the performances of British fighters on the world stage.

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