About The Brit Pack

Who are The Brit Pack?

The Brit Pack are Simon Head and Chamatkar Sandhu, two British MMA media professionals – one based in Rochester, England and one based in Toronto, Canada – who have spent years covering the sport of mixed martial arts on both sides of the Atlantic.

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What is The Brit Pack podcast?

The podcast is our weekly show, recorded every Tuesday, as we discuss the wild world of mixed martial arts, with maybe a little pro wrestling, sports and pop culture thrown in for good measure.

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We’ll set up open threads and group chats for future shows and specific events, so you can become an integral part of the show. We loved answering your questions on the old show. We’re just as excited to do it all again this time around, too.

You can also get in touch with us via our Twitter handles, @simonhead and @SandhuMMA.

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